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Create native device apps on your device. Use real native iOS controls with a slick and professional look and feel. Create as many pages as you need and sweep between them. Copy apps you create to other devices. No programming is needed. No subscription charges are made and no registration is required. Just get the app and start building. Use the easy Designer tool to drag and drop real iOS controls onto your app pages.
Real iOS Controls Start Running
Add Text Boxes, Notepads, Labels, Images, Tables, Buttons, Camera, Microphone, Maps with pins, Video player, Audio player, Item Pickers, Date Pickers, Segmented Controls, Signatures, Freehand areas, Lists, Web pages, Backgrounds, Color schemes Brilliant for Tradeshows, Exhibitions, Surveys, Presentations, Customer feedback, Stock display, Human resources, Appointments, Real Estate, Data entry, anything you need your own custom app for.

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App Maker a short film by Isoperla on Vimeo.

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